Powerful Presence Mastermind

Embody Your Message: Give Voice To Your Work, Worth & Wealth

  • Do you LOVE doing your work but cringe when it comes to simply telling people what you do in an authentic, accurate and compelling way? Not to mention marketing, promoting or charging for it.
  • Do you wish you had clarity, confidence and charisma sharing your work, vision & message with the world?
  • Maybe you're overwhelmed with the idea of marketing your work at all – trapped behind your computer instead of spending your days doing what you love: teaching, healing, coaching or creating?
  • Do you spend hours, days, weeks trying to perfect your marketing, branding & programming instead of getting out in front of people to share your work with the world?

What if you could finally be out in the world doing what you love the most -- freely sharing your work with the world --
with total confidence, joy & enthusiasm?

Simply by being you and standing in your unique &
Powerful & Profitable Presence

  • Now you can stop spinning, planning, figuring & thinking about what to say and how to say and rely on your most valuable and profitable tool: Your Powerful Presence!
  • The Powerful Presence Mastermind is specifically designed to help you consistently hone & own how you share your work in the world, stratagize marketing and promotions that are authentic, aligned and effective so you can Give Voice To Your Vision & embody your message!
  • Your Voice Is NEEDED! Your work is important. Now is the time to make your biggest impact, bring your unique gifts to life -- fully & freely! -- to own your expertise so you can manifest prosperity  & the life of purpose, balance & fulfillment you desire.

Join Today & You'll Get:

Profitable-Presence Power Up Calls

  • All My Secrets to owning your work in the world, creating irresistible videos & owning the stage to have your audience hanging on every word!
  • Hot-seat coaching to keep you focused on income generation that’s aligned with your purpose & actively growing your Visibility-Ability!
  • Ongoing clearing & healing your blocks to being Highly Visible to Finally Own Your Presence with Audacity, Authenticity & Ease.

Value $4,797

 2 "Big Break"
Breakthrough Sessions

  • ​2 Private, 60-minute "Lifeline Calls" with Michelle.
  • Create your customized visibility-in-action plan...
  • Make the most of an unexpected opportunity: Speaking Gig? Livestream?
  • Uncover, discover and discard deep-rooted fears & blocks around being seen and heard...
  • Get you moving if you’re stuck-in-the-muck: Action Plan, Clearing Limiting-Beliefs, Healing Blocks.

Value $1,297

Motivation, Inspiration & Collaboration

  • ​Step-by-step guidance & strategy to grow your impact & income just by being YOU and showing up!
  • Cutting-edge best practices & super-hot innovations from mindfully allowing abundance, surrendering “doing-ness” & playful prosperity.
  • Collective Learning, Shared Challenges & Creative Collaboration to empower you with the freedom to own what you do & create the lifestyle you want!

Value $2,997

Total Value $9,091!

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • 6 months of Powerful Presence Mastermind Membership 
  • 2 Profitable-Presence Power-Up Calls a month for 6 months
  • 2 "Giving Voice To Your Work" 1-1, VIP Breakthrough Sessions
  • Private Mastermind Facebook group community, accountability & support!

Your Investment Today for this Powerful Program is ONLY:


$997 $497 a Month for 6 Months


$4997 $1997 Full Pay
(SAVE: $985)

What the Powerful Presence Program can do for You: