Get Seen. Get Heard. Get Hired: The Art & Science of Visibility

Have you noticed the noise online is getting louder?

Do you feel like you can’t break through?

Are you wondering how your value will stand out among the avalanche of emails, videos & experts?

There’s an ART and a SCIENCE to visibility that will actually grow your business. That’s what I’m talking about here so you can avoid freaking out, rise above the noise and master the art & science of visibility to provide tons of value, live aligned with your purpose and make great money.

Sound good?

The Art of Visibility

Being an entrepreneur is a creative process. You are a creator, visionary, inventor — listening and following your inner guide, your muse to make your big ideas manifest is your job description. One of my clients says she “Makes Hope Real.” I love that.

The art of visibility requires mastery of your “inner game”… your mindset. It requires that you own your value, embrace your courage & conviction and clarify your vision. It requires that you show up all the way past your edges. It requires that you not only become willing to be seen and heard but to fully and freely share your unique gift with the world in the most powerful way possible.

It requires that you Give Voice to Your Transformational Message with heart, conviction & enthusiasm in words your ideal, aligned clients can relate to.

Cultivating your presence, clarifying your words & crafting your transformational message and then sharing it with ease, authenticity & enthusiasm is the Art of Visibility.

The Science of Visibility

Then there’s the million ways we can get our work out there and share it with the world. The platforms, strategies & statistics. And a million people telling you that THEIR platform, strategy and statistics will get you where you want to go. It can be totally overwhelming and hard to know where to begin. Many simply try to do everything…or become frozen and do nothing at all.

Email! Video! Facebook! YouTube! … oh my.

Which gets us back to that noisy avalanche of marketing & information out there…

The science of visibility requires you to understand what’s working in your marketplace as it develops and evolves. It requires that you find strategies and platforms that work for your marketing style. It requires that you create and follow a consistent plan with a specific goal in mind (and that goal has to be an invitation to work with you at some point!) It requires that you get over the notion that marketing is “sleazy” and accepting & embracing that you have to be out there sharing your work with the world– in an aligned, embodied way that works for you.

I’ll be honest. I’ve spent most of my life working on the Art of Visibility and I’ve been a total expert on the craft and transformation of allowing yourself to be seen and heard and valuing your contribution to the world for decades. Helping you find your unique voice and share it with ease and freedom is my most aligned purpose.

But in order to have a business that was sustainable — and thriving! — I had to learn the science. And, frankly, it’s an ongoing process because market’s change, evolve and transform. Just like we do.

Here’s the clincher though…they go together. You can’t have one without the other.

Becoming A Visibility Master

Many clients come to me struggling to be clear, find their words and get their work, vision or message out into the world. Many come because they want to “get over” their fear, insecurity or resistance around talking about their work. Other’s come because they don’t even know where to begin, there are too many options and they’re overwhelmed–doing them all or frozen and doing nothing both of which don’t work.

You need to master the Art of Visibility by owning your value, crafting your message with your unique voice & personality AND accessing your own permission to share it freely with the world.


You need to master the Science of Visibility by owning the platforms that work for you, having a clear strategy that leads to an invitation and understanding the ins & outs of visibility marketing strategy. (Hint: not every platform is for every person and simple, doable, consistent action is key.)

You need both. And it’s a “which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg?” thing…

If your visibility marketing isn’t working (aka getting you clients!) or you’re just not doing it… then you either need to work on your inner game and the ART of being seen & heard OR you need to work on your strategy and the SCIENCE of visibility. They go hand in hand and working one will transform the other.

Often either the ART or the SCIENCE will come more naturally to you than the other. But your transformation & success probably lies in the one that is least comfortable.

So… if you got strategy but it ain’t working it’s time to dig into your “inner-game” and work on owning your purpose & value and giving voice to your transformational message with joy, ease, enthusiasm and freedom.

Or…if you are deeply aligned and totally own & trust your value and thrive when you’re sharing your work with the world online, onstage or on-camera — it’s time to up your strategy game get clear on the platforms that work for you and create a sustainable, simple & doable system that works to get you clients.

(Video is a HUGE tool at your fingertips to Unlock the Power of Your Transformational Message, Magnetically Attract Clients & Quickly Grow Your Business…are you maximizing that Visibility Tool? Check out my Video Visibility Assessment to see!)

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