How To Transform Your Powerful Presence Into Masterful Client Attraction

Imagine, being excited to promote your work every chance you, onstage or on-camera...

Imagine feeling alive and confident on any platform...

Imagine feeling FREE to share your most aligned, true gift in the biggest possible way...

That's what I'm talkin' about!

These things are all possible and so very powerful...Keep reading for inspiration and tools that will help you own your message & fully embody your unique presence when you're speaking, presenting, leading workshops, selling from stage or working on-camera in video or webinars.

​What if you could Power Up Your Presence – with total ease & freedom – so you automatically attract clients and opportunities simply by being fully alive in who you are, freely sharing what you stand for in a way that your aligned clients are drawn to work with you.

Whether you're stepping up and out on stage, creating compelling video, going LIVE consistently with highly visible content every day... or feeling stuck, stifled and stumped when it comes to talking about your work… there is tons of value here for you.

As technology and information sharing continues to increase and speed up, one of the most powerful marketing tools you have as an emerging or established visionary, marketer and business owner -- is your unique voice and presence.

This is especially true for-- coaches, healers, authors, experts and other transformation leaders -- because when you’re dealing with personal development, creative expansion (aka business building!) uplifting people or healing the planet, it is your unique voice and essence that carries your gift deep into the hearts and minds of your audiences.

I’m talking about your physical voice, AND your intuitive voice...your inner being...your wisdom, intuition & core self-expression.

If you want to authentically engage your audience and create a steady stream of adoring fans that actually receive and utilize the stuff you teach and/or hire & refer you...

  • It’s not about remembering the words, having the perfect script or “saying it right.”
  • It’s not about perfecting your marketing copy... or building the right funnel.
  • It's really not about someone else's formula, template or blueprint.

Of course, all that is important and can be very helpful however...

The truth is, the most powerful way to break through the noise of today's world is to put the full power of your presence -- your face & your voice & your being—behind your message…

To stand fully in ownership of who you are and the gifts you bring while sharing your expertise, your unique perspective & your enthusiastic vision.

You Are Your Brand.

Of course, doing all that can be easier said than done.

Most people feel a bit self-conscious, at least a skitch insecure or sometimes downright scared when it comes to talking about (or "promoting") their work… even though they have total confidence doing their work.

There's a reason for that!

Well, actually, there are quite a few...

Keep reading to discover the top 3 reasons it's actually quite common to feel uncomfortable talking about your work, owning your value (aka charging their worth) promoting their services (aka inviting people to hire you) or sharing your BIG IDEA...

I will also share exactly how you can actually shift your nerves, confusion or self-consciousness into your greatest client-getting, Big-Impact-Making super power.

Let’s get to it.

#3: Molecules Behave Differently Under Observation

It’s always different in front of people, right?

The physicists have proven it.

The Yogis have know for 5000 years...

If you think about it you’ve probably known it all along too…Your heart rate goes up. Your mouth goes dry. Your mind goes blank. You sweat. You pace. You doubt.

Even when you totally trust yourself, have your content down cold and have worked with hundreds and hundreds of people there is a physiology that happens when you're in front of other people... being “on” that feels very different than when you’re not “on.”

Whether you’re “managing” this physiology, trying to muscle through it, denying that it’s there or maybe you’re avoiding it altogether (by hiding & not putting yourself out there) it’s cramping your business growth, diluting your prosperity & delaying your fulfillment until you can harness the adrenaline, and expand to allow your Intuitive Voice to speak freely as well as honing your messaging into words your audience can hear.

It's also negatively impacting your experience in the moment…

Which means your audience is feelin’ it too. 

If you’re not completely engaged, committed and connected – mentally, spiritually and emotionally – when you're talking about your work, teaching, sharing your vision (on any platform)...your audience won’t be either.

The good news is that there are simple, easy-to-do tools of preparation that can help you easily engage, commit and connect every time so that your audience is inspired and moved...not only to work with you but to really value the transformation you can help them have.

This starts with preparation -- not perfection! -- but practice.

Now, practicing speaking and presenting online, on-stage and on-camera makes a HUGE difference but it’s important to practice what you want to improve instead of practicing your mistakes... having a performance coach can make a huge difference.

You want to go beyond the text and the choreography and the formula... to exercise the muscle of dropping into your expertise, trusting your intuition and DOING what you do instead of talking about what you do.

Exactly how to do that is missing from many speaker trainings & formulas, marketing templates and video scripts. It’s also not something everyone can teach. This is where you definitely need a “Champion” rather than a “Critic.”

I will outline the 3 building blocks of Powerful Presence that will help you feel (and actually BE) prepared below...

Before I do...lemme ask you...

Ever have that shyness, self-consciousness or downright dread around talking about what you do and inviting people to work with you? The confusion about “how to say it” or what to offer?

Ever feel a bit self-conscious, a skitch insecure or even downright scared when it comes to talking about (or "promoting") your work… even though you have total confidence doing your work…?

Or feel like you’ve tried to say it a million ways and nothing is working?

Did you know that how you show up is as important (or MORE important) than what you say…?

#2: Caveman Consciousness

This “self-consciousness” isn’t your fault. We all have it to some degree... We’ve been conditioned that way.

We’ve been taught to be seen and not heard, we’ve been laughed at for standing out and we’ve held ourselves and others to an impossible level of “perfect.” It goes back forever.

We don’t like to admit it but fitting in, coloring inside the lines & staying with the status quo quite literally feels necessary to our survival. (Even if you’re a rebel like me…)

If you've ever put yourself out there and heard crickets or worse been teased, shamed or judged you know what I'm talking about.

(And if you’re really putting yourself out there consistently in a big, bold way... this has almost certainly happened--whether it was your second grade teacher shaming you for singing out of tune or getting kicked out of the popular clique in high school or that nasty boss at your last job-job...)

Where do you think the phrase “dying of embarrassment” came from?! It’s a universal human experience and fear...we’ve all felt that way! Since forever.

Give yourself a break. If you did speak out, say the wrong thing, or think differently back in caveman days it just might have threatened everyone’s survival and you really could get kicked out of the cave---and if you did, you were definitely gonna get eaten by that saber tooth tiger...

My #1 Tip for showing up BIG even when you’re afraid of being judged or looking stupid is to focus on who you serve.

Let your mission and message and the transformation that you bring be MORE IMPORTANT than your uncertainty OR what other people think about you.

What other people think about you is...none of your business!


The final reason most people have that “deer in the headlights” experience, swim in confusion about what to say or get frozen in inaction around sharing their work in the world in the biggest possible way is that we’re going to cover here is...

(drumroll please!)

#1: Getting Stuck In Your Head!

We live in our minds. Technology and constant information overload serve to keep us there. Thinking about what to say, figuring out how to say it and worrying about how we’ll look or sound when we do… are all very, very real traps that can be difficult to avoid.

If you want to break through the noise of today's world AND break out of the prison of your own thinking and finally get out of your own way…and actually shift your nerves, confusion or self-consciousness from sales saboteurs into your greatest client conversion super power...

It’s time to put the full power of your presence -- your face & your voice—behind your message…to stand fully in ownership of who you are and the gifts you bring while sharing your expertise, your unique perspective & your enthusiastic vision.

It is always & ever you're thinking that undermines your confidence, disconnects you from your own knowing and pulls your powerful presence back from the edge of your own greatness.

You Are Your Brand.

Your Voice.

Your Face.

Your Expertise.

Your Wisdom.

I’ve actually already shared the mindset secrets to being able to step into the full power of your presence with you...What you need in order to nurture your mission, your message and grow Your Voice & Confident Presence are your uniqueness, your perspective, your voice, your face and your clear confident how do we get that trust in ourselves and confidence in our self expression?

3 Building Blocks of Powerful Presence: Breath, Body & Being I mentioned earlier...Here you go!

Your Breath. I know it seems obvious but I am not kidding. Take. A Breath. Before you speak, press record, go LIVE, pick up the phone, make an offer, shoot a video...get out of bed in the morning. I'm serious. BREATHE!

Your Body: Warm up your whole being--your primary tools of communication are your voice, your face and your body. (Your words are secondary, your brain and the "thinky-thoughts" are actually LAST in line.) MOVE YOUR BODY!

Take a walk, do some push-ups, yoga, have a dance party! Before you do anything creative, whether it's writing emails or shooting a video or sharing from stage or clearing out your will change your physiology and wake up your entire communication apparatus -- your body!

Oh. And Hey -- Guess What?

Your VOICE is a part of your body. 

It's a muscle, actually...use it or lose it.


There's another blog, a whole book and even a documentary to be made on your physical voice (stay tuned!) ... but trust me when I tell you to... Sing your favorite song. Yawn on a big long OOoooohhhh sound. Siren like a fire engine.

Sound is the beginning of manifestation. your sound is uniquely yours and your most powerful tool of communication, creation and manifestation. Use it.

And finally, Practice Simply Being. It is very common to "check out" when we're "on the spot" instead of tuning in. Practicing staying in your body, in the room and in your message enhances presence. 

In order to BE fully present in your body and grounded in breath you also want to let your thoughts take the back seat, activate your sensory awareness and allow, allow, allow your deep knowing to inspire you. 

  • Practice heightening your awareness of your environment: the air in the room, the sounds, colors ...
  • Practice neutral awareness: the clothes on your skin, your breath falling in and out of your body, the sensation and vibration of your voice (not trying to manage or control but simply noticing)
  • Practice active awareness of your body and breathing with total acceptance of your physiology (instead of trying to manage it or change it) helps you inhabit the moment fully to experience BEING. 

Do these practices while your presenting, teaching or inviting...AND when you're preparing to present, teach or's the secret sauce:

Whatever you notice don't make it mean "this is good!" or "this is bad!" instead simply say to yourself... "How Interesting..."

Then it boils down to daring to share without withholding your presence, allowing your vulnerability to shine through, and energetically sending your highest presence on your voice, through your eyes and from your heart.

There’s a very real kinetic energy exchange between you and your audience...when you are inspired, moved and connected --->>>they will be too!

Now...there are a lot of moving parts to growing a business through your marketing and messaging from honing your craft to mastering your message to perfecting your presence and shaping how you share your work with the world…

It can be easy to get caught up in any of those elements...but what I’m talking about here is that Presence piece. Seriously.

Master The Art of Presence and all the rest of your messaging and marketing comes much, much more easily.

As an “expert-preneur” your “performance” is you coming alive with your embodied message and speaking the language of your clients through your unique perspective and your heart... so that you organically attract your most aligned clients and every visibility action you take on behalf of your mission and your message is supercharged with the full power of your Presence.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Every great performance has a director?"

Well. It’s true. The best “directors” help you become more YOU.

 And they help you access your authenticity, vulnerability and presence more deeply than you can without them--regardless of how experienced you are, how “good” you are in performance or how well-crafted your messaging is.

Jodie Foster Earned an Emmy Nomination for her direction of Orange Is The New Black.

Are you sharing your brilliance, passion and deep knowing in  every word you speak to effortlessly attract as many clients who adore you as you want?

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