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If You Have an Audience of Coaches, Healers, Authors, Experts and Other Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs...

Make Videos That Sell helps coaches, healers & other purpose-driven entrepreneurs get into action NOW making videos to grow their business fast. This program gives them everything the need to know from start to finish to make consisten,  high-quality, do-it-yourself videos from technology to performance to content to putting those videos to work in the world. 

Ideal Participant’s Pain: They know they “should” be using video in their business but they’re totally overwhelmed by the process: the tech, knowing what to say & how to say it, or how to put their videos to work. They may be trying to use video with little results (or none.) They may think they need a huge crew or investment. They may not even be able to consider using videos because of their cringe, deer-in-the-headlights panic or total overwhelm.

What they want: To know how to easily make a quick video that looks good and actually works to grow their business. They want to know what to say and not feel like a total dork doing it. They want to feel confident, relaxed and natural and trust their authentic message & intrinsic value will shine through. They want their videos to GET THEM CLIENTS. 

Promise: Quickly & Easily Make High-Quality Videos That Grow Your Business.

We've pulled out all the stops and upgraded the program, marketing materials and entire affiliate experience to increase your conversions & cash!!!

The Offer: Make Videos That Sell is a 5 Module Online Training Program to help entrepreneurs create professional quality engaging videos with equipment they already have so that they can help more people, earn more money and make a bigger difference!

Investment: $997

Commission: 40%

Of course, there will be prizes!

April 5th - 17th 2018

Pre-Launch Content: April 5-7

Webinar Opt-in: April 8-11

Webinar #1: Tues April 10th @
9am PT

Webinar #2: Weds April 11th @
11am PT 

Cart Open: Weds April 11th @ 1pm PT

Live Q & A Call: Tuesday April 17 @
10am PT 

Cart Close: Weds April 18th @ 12AM (MIDNIGHT PST)

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