Are you uncertain, overwhelmed or insecure
about sharing your work in the world?

Can you imagine being fully, fabulously and FEARLESSLY VISIBLE?

Are you effortlessly & easily sharing your biggest gifts, owning your full talent & and inspiring the world with your message?

My passion and my gift is to facilitate coaches, healers & other purpose-driven entrepreneurs to Unleash the Power of Their Voice to boost visibility and increase the potency of their message by helping them supercharge their presence (networking, speaking and on-camera.)

Imagine if you could uncover, discover and discard unconscious vocal patterns, physical habits & thought patterns that undermine your ability to Give Full Voice to your aligned work in the world...

Sadly, most of us have old beliefs, blocks or fears around being seen & heard that keep us playing small and trying to play it safe. These often unconscious (and always irrational) fears and habits continuously sabotage us all the while convincing us they're keeping us safe.

However, most of us have also felt a spark of truth, glimmer of an idea or a creative impulse that connects us to a much much bigger possibility for who we are or who we're meant to be.​ But the world around us, our upbringing and the mindset or beliefs we're surrounded by -- conditions us to shrink back from our Big Bright Shining Selves...when in reality that spark, glimmer & impulse are the MOST TRUE aspects of our highest selves.

Your essence & poised-passionate-presence ARE the keys to communicating your message. The secret to your fulfillment & prosperity lies in having your own permission to fully & freely express who you are. 

Owning your enthusiasm, your warmth and your expertise are the secret ingredients to helping you finally share your work with freedom & ease to have the life & business you want.

I combine tools from the performer’s toolkit, business strategy from years as a coach, entrepreneur & healer to help purpose driven coaches, healers & entrepreneurs like yourself finally have the confidence, charisma & FREEDOM to embody your message, stop holding yourself back and run toward your greatest success with carefree abandon.

I love to help excavate shy, introverted or shamed voices reclaim their divine right to SELF-EXPRESS! I offer seminars, inspirational talks and Song-versations to inspire Entrepreneurs, Creative Professionals, Authors and Speakers to STEP UP and Shine. While I work intuitively, my practice is firmly grounded in business visibility strategy. 

Your business, mission, message & meaning are your masterpiece.
Find Your Song. Speak Your Truth. Create Your Life.

Michelle Kopper