Giving Voice To Your Vision — The Power of Your Voice to Grow Your Business & Create Transformation Only You Can Bring

She walked in quiet as a mouse and barely said a word. I wasn’t sure she would show up. She hadn’t confirmed.  Her eyes cast about the space. She smiled a little and apologized for being early.

We had met at a networking gathering of women supporting each other to build their businesses and I knew her to be a dedicated healer, energy worker and entrepreneur. Pretty shy and soft spoken but also grounded in the quiet power of her own knowing. I mentioned that sometimes I facilitate a singing experience for people who want to Give Voice to their work in the world in the biggest possible way…her eyes lit up.

My inner-knowing clicked and I recognized her as one of my tribe. It’s happened hundreds of times. That spark of recognition when someone’s eyes light up at the possibility they could be free enough to sing. The longing, the curiosity, the disbelief mingled with hope…when I offer the possibility that singing could actually be a missing link in their feeling fulfilled – and that it could be a catalyst to freeing their self-expression so they can finally Give Voice To Their Vision.

When she walked into the studio yesterday — more than a year later —  I felt the now familiar waves of terror mingled with hope that I’ve witnessed so many times and I was once again so moved and inspired by the human spirit’s longing to self-express and be heard…to be entirely free. Many people want to but will never make it through that door…

Then she did it. She sang. There were tears, tons of stops and starts and she met her own resistance in an undeniable way. She was surprised, afraid, and terrifically brave. She didn’t die. She sang. Then she sang again…stronger and stronger the sound came until she even glimpsed the full power of her own voice that had been repressed – probably for lifetimes.

Those few moments of daring — the alchemy of courage, vulnerability, inspiration, healing & joy — that’s the energy exchange that allows an authentic felt experience that creates magic between you and your audience.

Many people have generations of conditioning telling them to silence themselves. We also have layer upon layer of cultural conditioning that actually feels like we could “die of embarrassment” if we share our bold vision, speak our own knowing or freely share our gifts. We could be laughed at. We could be judged. We could “make a total fool of ourselves.” Essentially, our reptilian brain tells us we’ll get kicked out of the cave and the saber tooth is waiting just outside to eat us.

Humans have different ways of coping with this phenomenon.

Some people can use their mental will power to “do it anyway.” They bootstrap their courage and jump in the deep end using determination and a healthy dose of ego to step into the spotlight and speak. These folks can muster their positive self-talk and study the craft of speaking, creating video content, leading seminars or live events to overcome this universal fear of speaking up, position their vulnerability and create slick talking points that allow them to make an impact and make some money doing it. “Toastmasters” has helped people do this for almost a hundred years.

This approach can have success and if it’s working for you that’s great.

For others the vulnerability of standing before an audience to share their vision, their unique gift, message or healing can create an “all systems shut-down” physiological response that chokes their sound, erases every thought from their head & sends a cascading waterfall of frustration, shame and self-doubt that makes it essentially impossible to continue. Many in this category wouldn’t dare try in the first place.

Of course there are many people in between these two extremes and the truth is that both of these extremes limit self-expression.

The human voice uses breath and vibration to make sound. When the breath or vibration is constricted or restricted the sound resonance and the vibrational energy is equally restricted.

When you are “bootstrapping” or using your determination or will to share your gift or message with an audience in a “feel the fear and do it anyway” mindset, there is unmistakable tension in both your physical and energetic body. This impacts the vibrational resonance of your message. It can build confidence and desensitizing the nervous system when you simply put yourself out there again and again to “get over your nerves.” However, your ability to deeply connect with both your message and thus your audience is limited by the tension of having to work around, over or through the resistance that causes you to need will power in the first place.

If you relate more with the other extreme where you have a “deer in the headlights” response to being in front of an audience it can be impossible to “just do it” despite your fears and insecurities because your body essentially betrays you. The good news is that this exaggerated response can be so painful and make such a negative impact in your business, relationships and entire life that it gets your attention and as you become more aware of it the pain, frustration and even shame can be highly motivating for you to change it.

The fact is that “molecules behave differently under observation” so when you are speaking up in front of others in a classroom, a boardroom, a workshop, a seminar, online, onstage or on camera your awareness knows it and your molecules behave differently! No matter your level of confidence or lack of it. It’s different than when you’re alone or with a trusted coach.

There is an energetic experience between a speaker, presenter or performer and their audience. Your physical being is your communication device—the vessel that carries your thoughts, ideas, vision to the world—and your human voice is both a physical and energetic means for you to communicate.

There is magic in freeing the resonance and vibration of your physical voice. Your voice is a key to your creative potential. The power of your unique sound to energetically connect with others cannot be overstated. The vibration of your voice has the power to create transformation that only you can bring into creation.

Understanding that molecules behave differently under observation and that your human voice has the power to let you communicate on both a physical and energetic level you can begin to see a much bigger possibility for creating an experience, an emotional connection with your audience as opposed to simply sharing information with them.

Again, the felt experience of how you communicate makes a bigger impact than the specifics of what you communicate. As Maya Angelou said so beautifully, “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

According to many ancient wisdom teachings sound is the beginning of creation.

“The first impulse to emerge from the silence of the absolute, or the field of Pure Potentiality, was the sound “OM” or more correctly “AUM,” according to the Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures).” (

“In the beginning was the word and the word was God.” (Bible)

“Australian aborigines speak of song-lines, the song-paths sung by primordial ancestor-spirits who walked across their landscape, singing its land-forms into being.” (

And so on…(Then there is also the potency of the unstruck sound but I’ll save that for another time…)

What then could this mean in terms of your own personal creative power as it relates to the potency of your physical voice?

I have helped many people unlock and unleash their physical voice, their own permission to shine their light brightly and their confidence around valuing their work and inviting people to work with them. I have seen firsthand the potent alchemy of being able to “drop-in” and connect with your gift to share it with full access to your breath, free & open vibration in your sound and knowing how to intentionally use the power of your presence to transform an audience.

There is no question that exploring and cultivating the power of your voice on both physical and energetic levels can enhance & expand the transformation you can create for an audience –

What is especially exciting to me is the freedom, power & joy that comes when you’re able to effortlessly share your gift, fully & freely and manifest huge transformation for your audience simply through your presence.

If you want this level of freedom to Give Voice To Your Vision in the world online, onstage or on-camera – at networking events, conferences or in your webinars & online training programs – I would love to support you accessing your delicious, potent & entirely unique voice to bring your gift of transformation to life for others.

I offer a limited number of Speak Up! Be Heard! Get Paid! VIP Experiences each month and I’d love to simply connect for a clarity call to inspire you to express your brilliance.



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