How To Skyrocket Your Visibility & Impact With Video

If you’re still on the fence about the value of video content for sharing your vision or mission in the world… check out this "geek link" or this one or this one ... and you'll quickly realize the impact video can have on the difference you can make in the world.

Many experts are saying how important video is to small businesses today -- and hyping the results that it gets -- but most are missing a key ingredient that can help you use video to rocket your message out in the biggest possible way...and into a prosperous business full of ideal clients humming along on it’s own steam…or better yet a movement that can change the world.

With the onslaught of video still ramping up and more and more people realizing their power and impact, there is a single key ingredient that will help your videos stand out in the noise of today's world that many experts and video marketers are missing.

There are tons of video services & experts cropping up every day telling you how essential video is to growing a business -- including many ways to make videos that don't involve being in them. You can create videos with animation, slides, stock photos, music and even stock video footage to grow your business.

And it's true that videos have a huge advantage over text & images because of how the human brain processes moving images (especially with music and the human voice) differently than it does still photos with text...we remember how moving images & sounds make us feel. Your brain registers moving images and sound through CONTEXT & IMPRESSIONS much faster and deeper than it can sift text.

That's all to say that, is possibly the most effective way to connect with, engage and build rapport with your ideal, aligned clients in today's world. And, yes...some video is better than no video when it comes to growing a business or making a difference in the world.​ But knowing how to make a quick video -- as the face & voice of your brand -- is a game changer for solo-preneurs...especially online. If you're NOT using video to share your Transformational Message you are essentially hiding your light under a bushel...

If you have a BIG VISION, are MISSION or PURPOSE driven you're leaving out your most powerful secret ingredient if you're NOT using video or you're hiding behind slides & stock footage in your video content instead of using your own voice and presence in service to share your work with the world.  

If you are a change-maker, healer, speaker, author or expert who is building a business or a brand that offers the promise and possibility of transformation -- personal, professional or planetary -- you have the opportunity to supercharge the impact of your work by using your most profound human superpowers--Presence, Authenticity & Imagination...and video is the single most powerful platform around to do it.

If there's a part of you that really just doesn't want to be in videos I think you have another opportunity as well.

Think of it this way -- if you're cringing about being on video then that "cringe" is impacting other elements of your life and business as well and video can become a way for you to step forward and shine your light even brighter. If you judge others as being egocentric if they seem confident on camera or can't imagine being that confident yourself then you could have your own personal transformation by embracing the tool of video on behalf of your Bigger Vision.

Now this is beyond the scope of what most "video marketing experts" are able to teach but Presence, Charisma & Persuasion are qualities you can cultivate. And when you do, you are unleashing your highest self to manifest the clients and impact you want to have. I've been helping healers, creatives, authors and experts step into the full power of their presence for decades. The results are extraordinary...not only for their business and impact but improving the quality of their relationships, families and day-to-day lives in rich and miraculous ways.

Here's a powerful focusing tool to help you do this on camera -- REMEMBER... it isn't about you.

It's about making a difference, owning your gifts, giving voice to your vision and serving your message. Isn't that worth streching a little and putting this powerful platform to work on behalf of you transformational message?

It's actually an act of humility when you are willing to step forward and bring your authentic presence on behalf of your message especially when it feels vulnerable or challenging.  Another little known secret is that your vulnerability actually INCREASES your impact because when you connect to your emotions there's a kinetic energy transfer that allows your audience to connect to their emotions too.  It also deepens your authenticity, makes you very accessible and expands trust. Your audience can relate.

When you can show up on-camera and send your warmth, wisdom, enthusiasm and expertise thru the lens you are embedding your PRESENCE (which is what really "sells" your “brand” or vision) into the video content itself. People support, work with & hire people they LIKE, TRUST & ADMIRE.  Cultivating your message through your authentic presence, overcoming inhibitions that keep you hiding your light and learning to own your expertise & enthusiasm so that it shines through your message -- which is especially doable and powerful on video -- engages and invites your audience -- your tribe -- your comrades -- your true-believers...into your world ready to be uplifted, inspired and already wanting the service you provide.

And Here's The Thing: video works. If you want to make your biggest contribution it's the most affordable, powerful, fast & easy tool you have in today's marketplace --->>> so I urge you to embrace the tool and use it!

So if you're tired of being a "best kept secret" and sincerely committed to bringing the vision, healing and impact only you can is THE fastest, most effective way to bring your Transformational Message to the most people, for the greatest impact in the most scalable way that's around today.

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